Bike Riding With Rusty

Today was Rustys first time running with a biker. Brian wanted to test out his new trail bike and Rusty was happy to run along with him. I hiked behind with Rambo and filled the air with laughter while watching these two. I was wondering how Rusty would do if Brian ever wanted to take… Continue reading Bike Riding With Rusty


I Love You More & More

I love you more and more every day. Thanks for braving the extreme heat to help me pick black berries for Melisa. You're the best son!

Mom Will Be So Excited

7/20/18 What an absolutely gorgeous day today on the D&L Trail. Today we are going for a long hike and I decided to bring Rambo with me to see how he does (mainly because my mom would not let me leave the house without him). It is not too hot or humid out today. There's… Continue reading Mom Will Be So Excited

The Smell of Summer

What an interesting hike today. Rusty and I took off at 8am to our normal hiking trail. Nothing out of ordinary to start with. We collected red and black raspberries during our walk. My mom loves the black raspberries, as well as my nephew, and I plan to make yummy yogurt popsicles with the red… Continue reading The Smell of Summer

Berry Picking

Today Rusty and I hiked the D&L Trail as usual, but this time I was on a mission. When we went on our 9 mile hike the other day I saw raspberries upon raspberries covering the sides of the trail. My mom loves black raspberries, so I took a bucket with me this time and… Continue reading Berry Picking

Back To 9 Miles

Today was another gorgeous July day. Can summer just stay forever? Don't get me wrong, Autumn is still and will always be my favorite season, but this beautiful weather gets me so excited. Being outside is so relaxing and rewarding. Today we set out for a nice long 9 mile hike. It was a hot… Continue reading Back To 9 Miles

Gorgeous July Day

Today we had a calm walk on the D&L Trail today in the Pinchot State Forest. It's a gorgeous July day. It's hot, but not humid, and there's a slight breeze. Definitely a great day to be outside. When we got to the park we were surprised to see the parking lot was almost completely… Continue reading Gorgeous July Day

Keeping The Ticks Off

Everyone knows ticks are a huge problem, especially if you're an outdoor lover. Most people can find sprays for humans that keep the little blood suckers off, but what about your pets? For Rusty, we have the Seresto collar and it works really well. It is a little pricey, but it's worth it for my… Continue reading Keeping The Ticks Off

Rambo Is Joining Hiking

6/29/18 We did a smaller hike today. You've all heard about Rusty, but not much about my mom's dog, Rambo. Rambo is an Applehead Chihuahua and he's 10 years old. Although his age shows sometimes, he has his days where he's still a puppy at heart. Lately he has been wanting to come hiking with… Continue reading Rambo Is Joining Hiking

Rusty’s First Doggy Play Date

5/28/18 I took Rusty to my mom's friends house where they play volleyball outside. She just got a new puppy named Zory (Lab/Catahoula Leopard mix) and it was about time Rusty had a doggy play date. They had so much fun playing together. Zory pooped Rusty out for a change and he kept coming to… Continue reading Rusty’s First Doggy Play Date

Our Big Move

5/4/18 A huge change has happened for Rusty. After 3 years of saving and waiting for a break, Brian and I are so excited to announce we are finally moving back home! We have been wanting to move to Mountain Top since I was in college and my husband fell in love with my hometown,… Continue reading Our Big Move

Going Back To Duff Park

3/3/18 While out on our 9 mile hike today we came across a herd of four or five deer. Rusty got so excited when he saw them. He never tries to chase them, just excited. I wonder if he thinks they are just big dogs. Then we ended up seeing some geese, but Rusty didn't… Continue reading Going Back To Duff Park

Breaking In Spring

2/10/18 Today we had a scary run in. At night I was getting ready for bed while Brian let Rusty out. Next thing I know, Brian is yelling my name, so I rushed out to the kitchen. He rushed Rusty in and went outside with a flashlight. Low and behold there was a coyote at… Continue reading Breaking In Spring

Pushing Through The Snow

Today we hiked 8 miles. The snow couldn't make up its mind. One moment it was clear and nice. Then next it was snowing so hard I couldn't see much ahead of me. No one was on the trail since it was so cold out, so I let Rusty off the leash. He was having… Continue reading Pushing Through The Snow

12 Mile Hike

Today Rusty and I hiked the whole Westmoreland Heritage Trail! We hiked a total of 12.15 miles! The trail is exactly 6 miles one way. It was a gorgeous day out. 50 degrees! Beautiful sun all day. We even got a glimpse of an abandoned property. Rusty also got to meet a cute Beagle/Lab mix… Continue reading 12 Mile Hike

Hiking In The Snow

1/5/18-1/6/18  Jacob and Donna came up to visit and brought their puppy Harley. Rusty and him instantly became best friends. They played non stop while they were here. When they left Rusty kept looking for them. 1/18/18  Rusty and I set out today for a hike. It had it's ups and downs. We tried Rusty's… Continue reading Hiking In The Snow

Bring On The Cold

10/21/17  Today we had our family pictures. Rusty did really good. Just sucked that the ticks were really bad. We checked him really good and scrubbed him down. the cats pictures didn't go well. But we also got some good pictures of me and Rusty for my new bio picture on my website, Dreamcatcher Photography.… Continue reading Bring On The Cold

Rusty’s Episodes

10/20/17  To the people who want to rescue, please listen. I know it's that time of year where everyone is excited, the fall weather has set in, and Christmas is right around the corner for gifts. Rescuing isn't always easy. Especially with dogs. You will never truly know the background of the dog you're about to… Continue reading Rusty’s Episodes

Keep Getting Lost

9/16/17  Down 23 pounds! We had a great day hiking at Twins Lake Park. It was a gorgeous day and Rusty got to see some ducks and bit Brian on the butt while he was swinging on the swing that Rusty hates. 9/18/17  "I wish every day could be like this because when I'm with… Continue reading Keep Getting Lost

Vacation In Michigan

7/18/17  "While people have kids, jobs, houses, and money to boast about, I have you. And I'm perfectly fine with that." Taken at Duff Park (#1) 7/29/17  "Whenever I'm down you've been there. Whenever I need a friend you've made me smile. Most importantly, whenever I need someone to push through with me, you never… Continue reading Vacation In Michigan

Beginning of Another Journey

5/7/17  "When life gives you doubts, get a dog. I promise they will be your best friend. I just know it. Forever my little rescuer." Taken at Duff Park. Quotes like these I jotted down when they came to my mind. They are my own words and thoughts. 5/12/17  While at mom's house Brian was… Continue reading Beginning of Another Journey

Bringing In The New Year

1/22/17  We found out that Rusty loves to chase drones. Brian got a small drone for Christmas and while he would play with it in the living room Rusty would, chase, run away from it, and try to bite it. We also went on a hike today at Keystone Park. We couldn't hike together for… Continue reading Bringing In The New Year

End Of Rusty’s First Year

11/15/16  Took Rusty for his first fall hike at Duff Park. He now likes to have spurts where he runs like crazy. We did have to get a static collar for him. I got it for him a little while ago, when we really started getting into hiking because when we would be hiking Rusty was… Continue reading End Of Rusty’s First Year

North Carolina Adventure

10/9/16  We just got to our cabin in North Carolina. We are staying at Howells at the Moon Farm. Rusty is already exploring his new surroundings. The cabin is small, but he makes sure to stay by us on the couch and outside. It's truly beautiful here. So peaceful and the time of year is… Continue reading North Carolina Adventure

Wedding Bells!

8/22/16  Today Rusty got fixed. I was really scared because I've heard of dogs being allergic and dying. Thankfully the day flew by and he was fine. He was so excited when we picked him up. He's groggy, but living up quickly. He's not a huge fan of the cone. 9/13/16  Today we got Rusty… Continue reading Wedding Bells!

Warm Weather, More Hiking

5/8/16  We took Rusty hiking at Twins Lake Park. We had a good time there. Found out a new training technique with Rusty. Whenever someone walked by I told him to come and heal. On his own whenever I said come he would immediately heal to my right hand side. This was also the first time… Continue reading Warm Weather, More Hiking

Becoming An Adventurer

Rusty has been becoming quite the adventurer! He's already taken his first couple of hikes and I can already tell, I've found my fellow hiker. He loves it as much as I do and watching him continue these journey's with me, gives me hope that he will become more confident. 2/7/16  We went back to… Continue reading Becoming An Adventurer

Rusty’s First Month Home

Rusty's first month was definitely an eventful one, especially for being only a couple months old. I wanted to show him that he could love life again and that there was nothing to be afraid of. Little did I know at the time, it was going to be a long process to get him to… Continue reading Rusty’s First Month Home

Where It All Began

It’s not every day when a big responsibility becomes exciting news. We didn’t know what we were in for, but we were ready to take on the task of being parents. I bet you’re expecting me to say that I’m pregnant. Ha. Well, I’m not! As of December 26, 2015, my husband, Brian, and I… Continue reading Where It All Began